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Hughes Shale Reality Check in Natural Gas Intel

February 9, 2018

Post Carbon Fellow David Hughes’ new report Shale Reality Check casts doubt on the EIA’s latest projections as reported in Natural Gas Intel. From the article: In addition to the reference case, AEO2018 includes energy projections through 2050 under...

Hughes Shale Reality Check on Oilprice.com

February 9, 2018

Post Carbon Fellow David Hughes’ new Shale Reality Check report was reported in this article at OilPrice.com. From the article: The report argues that while U.S. oil production has doubled from 2005 levels, and shale gas has also exploded...

McKibben op-ed on local resistance in The Nation

January 18, 2018

Post Carbon Fellow Bill McKibben’s op-ed on local resistance to President Trump’s climate policies appeared in The Nation. From the article: Whenever progress is blocked in Washington, the pressure for progress always finds other outlets. During the George W....